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Wall Mounted Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 1200ml

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An Automatic Sanitiser Dispenser is an Essential in a Public Space In response to the coronavirus pandemic, hand hygiene has come to the forefront of the battle and magnified the necessity for an automatic sanitiser dispenser. Every public building, whether it’s a restaurant, office and other frequently used places, should install a sanitiser dispenser to promote a healthier and safer environment.
The Importance of an Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser Bacteria and germs are everywhere and can spread from one human being to the next. We often touch several surfaces during the course of the day, which is where the transfer of bacteria occurs. Think about a school and the lack of hygiene associated with children. As much as they practice it at home when surrounded by friends, hygiene is the furthest thing from their minds, spreading colds and flu sweeping. Even though adults adopt better hygiene practices, we also transfer germs by not using a proper sensor soap dispenser.
Product Type Wall Mounted Automatic Dispenser
DIRECTIONS & TIPS The Wall mounted dispenser features automatic infrared sensor to avoid cross-infection and ensures an instant Hand Sanitiser available.

  • Wall mounted & Free standing dispensers available in automatic to dispense adequate amount of the antibacterial liquid.
  • 1200mls Capacity with 1ml preset dosage each time.
  • Our automatic hand sanitiser is perfect with our QA alcohol-based hand sanitiser Gel, but is capable with all other kinds of sanitiser gels and commercial hand soaps as well
  • VARIATIONS Variations: The out-of-factory nozzle dispense drops and is suitable for both hand gel and soap.

    option 1: Spray nozzle for sanitiser liquid like alcohol.
    option 2: Foam nozzle: to extend the function of dispensing soaps.
    You will need the adaptor nozzle which you can purchase with us separately.
    Consider These Factors When Installing a Hand Sanitiser Dispenser As you navigate a new normal in a time when coronavirus has changed the world, you must implement measures to protect your employees and guests. Aside from the current pandemic, workers that use alcohol-based sanitisers at least five times a day were less likely to fall ill than others who merely washed their hands. It’s critical to consider the positioning of a hand sanitiser holder and soap dispenser on your premises.


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