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Hospital Shoe Covers, Non-Slip

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In hospitals and clinics, Medical Shoe Covers usage is mandatory, the covers are are sterile for use in sterile of environments. Medical shoe covers are also be used during cleaning, home shows or other occasions where you wish to protect your surroundings from dirt or wear caused by shoes. Medical Shoe Covers are durable and can be used multiple times. They have a non-slip bottom to help provide traction and protect their wearers from slips and disasters that other medical shoe covers don’t. Medical Shoe Covers have an upward size limit of mens size 12, extra-large size runs from sizes 12 to 15. The polypropylene shoe covers are made from breathable, fluid-repellent material. Non-slip, gripping bottom One-size-fits-all up to mens size 12, regular size Polypropylene plastic Breathable, Fluid-Repellent Durable, can withstand multiple uses Sterile, clean Comes in a pack of 300 - 150 pairs of shoes Medical-Grade - clean room, surgery operating room safe Not limited to medical purposes only


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