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Compression Stockings - Black, Class I - Small

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Compression stocking are worn to help with aching feet an swollen legs, prevent DVT and always s worn after vain to prevent condition relapse. Medical compression stockings Class 1 are measure and manufactured to exert a moderate compression of 15 – 21mm Hg around the calf, foot and leg progressively. Medical compression should be worn after surgery to promote blood circulation and reduce the risk of clotting and Edema. Medical compression stockings Class 1 or above should be used if the patient is ambulatory. Anti-Embolism stocking should not be used. High quality medical grade Open toe, knee length Class 1 compression stockings are perfect for moderate varicose and spider veins Help relieve tired, swelling and aching legs and feet Sequential decompression, compression gradually decreased further up the leg Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis when travelling Class 1 is an ideal compression level that can be worn without prescription


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