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Bio Hazard Clinical Waste Bags LDPE Bin Liners 5L-660L

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Product Type Clinical Waste Bags
Size Options / Dimensions (Width x Length) / Micron (Thickness) 5Lt / 255 x 380mm / 30um / Carton of 2500 (IWY05LL30)
10Lt / 350 x 470mm / 45um / Carton of 1000 (IWY10LL45-1000)
27Lt / 500 x 600mm / 30um / Carton of 250 (IWY27LL30-250)
27Lt / 500 x 600mm / 55um / Carton of 250 (IWY27LL55-250)
34Lt / 270/260mm x 740mm / 45um / Carton of 250 (IWY34LL45-250)
34Lt / 270/260mm x 740mm / 45um / Roll of 250 (IWY34LL45R)
50Lt / 630x800mm / 55um / Carton of 200 (IWY50LL55-200)
60Lt / 560x990mm / 55um / Carton of 200 (IWY60LL55-200)
65Lt / 660x1000mm / 30um / Carton of 200 (IWY65LL30-200)
72Lt / 710x900mm / 55um / Carton of 100 (IWY72LL55-100)
77Lt / 660x1020mm / 55um / Carton of 100 (IWY77LL55-100)
80Lt / 770x950mm / 45um / Carton of 250 (IWY80LL45-250)
80Lt / 770x950mm / 55um / Carton of 100 (IWY80LL55-100)
120Lt / 500/490 x 1200mm / 30um / Roll of 100 (IWY120LL30R)
120Lt / 560/440 x 1200mm / 55um / Carton of 100 (IWY120LL55-100)
240Lt / 590/560mm x 1470mm / 30um / Roll of 100 (IWY240LL30R)
240Lt / 590/590mm x 1500mm / 55um / Carton of 50 (IWY240LL55-50)
240Lt / 590/590mm x 1500mm / 55um / Roll of 100 (IWY240LL55R)
660Lt / 1180/640mm x 1530mm / 30um / Roll of 100 (IWY660LL30R)

LDPE Clinical Waste Bags are suitable for infectious waste disposal. These clinical waste bags are manufactured to the highest standards from high impact resins which provide outstanding bag and seal integrity at lower gauges. These waste bags uses organic colour additives which are toxin free on incineration.

What materials are discarded in the LDPE Clinical Waste Bin?

LDPE Clinical waste bags are utilised for disposing chemicals, infectious clinical materials, and pharmaceutical medicines. Moreover, dressings, swabs, tissues, aprons, soiled gloves, nappies, and pads are also collected and packed in yellow biohazard bags. Some other uncommon objects such as IV (intravenous) lines, fluid bags, syringes, and metallic parts are also a part of biohazard waste that go into these bags.

Things such as anatomical wastes, placental remains, pathological trash, domestic litter, and non-infectious rubbish are not to be discarded in the LDPE waste bag.

What's the difference between HDPE and LDPE waste bags?

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) is semi rigid and tough.It is lightweight and strong. It is also impact resistant. It’s long lasting and weather resistant.

LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) is more flexible. LDPE are Low cost and impact resistant from -40 C to 90 C, They are moisture resistant and also have a good chemical resistance.

Industries Hospitals
Medical Centres
Clinical Waste Collection Facilities
and more.


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