Disposable Gloves

In recent years, hygiene practices have exploded, resulting in a shortage of disposable gloves. As a result, finding a reliable glove provider can be challenging, particularly if you need large quantities. Therefore, Bulk Buys offers a wide range of disposable gloves, including powder-free gloves, nitrile gloves, and domestic cleaning gloves. All are available for order and fast delivery Australia-wide. 

What Are The Different Types of Gloves?

A popular alternative to latex gloves, to which some people have anaphylaxis, are nitrile gloves. They are less flexible and elasticity than other types of gloves, but they are more durable and protect wearers from harsh chemicals. People who regularly handle harsh or corrosive chemicals, such as cleaners, should use them. Furthermore, their puncture-resistance eliminates the risk of allergic reactions in medical environments. 

With a wide range of applications, latex gloves have been around for decades. Their flexibility and comfort make them popular in the domestic market, medical facilities, and catering businesses, but they pose an inherent risk for those with latex allergies. 

Due to their method of manufacture, vinyl gloves are quite cheap to manufacture because they are made from PVC. As a result, they are generally cheaper to buy as well. Because of their low price, they are often purchased for non-hazardous environments, areas with low infection risk, and domestic settings, even though they can be less durable than Nitrile or Latex alternatives.


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