Collection: PPE - Cleaning

WellCheck AU stock a range of PPE from Gloves, Masks, Cleaning equipment  and other essential PPE gear for your business. Our goal is to provide you with high-quality protective clothing for your employees, such as aprons, lab coats, and sleeves.

You can find a complete range of head, beard, ear, and eye safety protective wear that meets all your welfare standards. A wide range of protective clothing is available to protect you from specific hazards, such as dust and breathing protection, shoe and boot covers, coveralls, lab gowns, sleeve covers, headwear, beard covers, ear muffs and ear plugs, safety eyewear, and dusk masks. Our protective clothing is available in both men's and women's sizes.

We provide top quality lab gowns, disposable coveralls, aprons, scrub suits, and safety vests to protect your employees. Our extensive line of long sleeves, sleeve covers, and sunscreen keeps them safe against extreme weather conditions or insect and chemical exposure.

The services we provide are all you need to protect and keep your workers safe while working in hazardous materials industries.

Our Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will ensure your safety, which is why we understand your priority is safety.

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